Race night bets are entered in to the computerised tote system and instantly printed out. This betting slip contains the race number, horse number, name of horse, amount staked, bet time and a unique barcode which is used for security checks.

Race Night Tote Ticket
Race Night Dual Forecast Ticket
Race Night Tri Cast Ticket

When all bets have been placed the computerised tote system will calculate the payouts on a 50/50* split between the fundraisers and winning tickets. These payouts are then displayed on to the screen.


Every ticket which is scanned, is checked and if valid displays the winnings amount to be paid. Unclaimed tickets remain on the system, and can be claimed until the end of your race night.


Invalid or losing betting slips will be rejected and payouts cannot be made twice on the same betting slip.


We show the onscreen race card and when the tote has been closed we show the payouts.

Race Night Payouts
Race Night Onscreen Race Card


  • Win Only
  • Dual Forecast
  • Tri-Cast
  • Jackpot 5


Dual forecast, Tri-cast and Jackpot 5 bets have the option to roll-over to the next race. This way the pot increases throughout the night and makes for a great payout.

* 50/50 split of total money taken on each race.

This can be set to any amount between 0% and 50%

 Maximum amount for the fundraiser is 50%.

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