Race night ticket sales are based on either 50p or £1 units. There is no limit on the amount purchased. The total amount of money taken on each race is split 50/50 between the fundraisers and the winners.


so if £100 was taken, £50 would go to the charity and £50 would be divided by the amount of winners. If their was 5 winners, they would get £10 each


Additional fundraising can be obtained from local company’s or shop’s to sponsor a race, for this they will have their company name printed onto the race card, and displayed on the big screen. If each sponsor pays £20.00, this will raise £160 x 8 sponsors


The race card has 64 horses which can be sold at £2 each, raising £128.00, the winning horse owner from each race receives a prize or cash.


Another way of fundraising would be to sell the individual squares for £1 on the forecast sheet. Total Taken would be £56, the winner receives £28.

see image to the right.

Race Night Forecast

This would also be beneficial to the people who could not attend the event but would like to have a go! These can also be sold prior to the event giving the advantage of selling more than one sheet.

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